Viking Self Storage Head Office

Viking Self Storage Head Office supports Viking Self Storage Norwich and assists them to deliver great service and the best Self Storage facilities.

All day to day discussions regarding enquiries, quotes, and customer accounts should be directed to staff in the local store who will always endeavour to help you.

If you have any questions regarding Viking Self Storage as a company, do get in touch with us. These could include.

  • Employment Opportunities
  • Wishing to become a supplier to Viking Self Storage
  • Expansion Opportunities & Property
  • Issues with our stores which cannot be solved by local colleagues

Contact details


Viking Self Storage Head Office


01223 299017



Viking Self Storage is continually looking for new opportunities to grow the brand and open new stores. We have the infrastructure and experience to deliver and are ready to make investments in the right properties.

We will consider new Design & Build opportunities or conversions of existing buildings with B8 consent and a minimum of 20,000sqft. Freehold or Leasehold are both options available to us.

We know what makes a store successful and will quickly appraise any options we are sent.



Each Viking Self Storage Store is a drop off point for HomeShred. Sacks can be purchased via the HomeShred website or from the Box Shop.

Yellow Tomato Group

Yellow Tomato Group

The Head Office function of Viking Self Storage is provided by Yellow Tomato which offers a Core of Shared Services to a variety of interlinked, but standalone businesses, allowing each to focus on their own market success and growth.