Craft and hobby storage

Many hobbies are great fun, but they involve a lot of equipment. Golf clubs, skis and snowboards, surfboards – all things that you need to keep but which get in the way of everyday life. You can store your additional equipment at Viking Self Storage – the perfect addition to your personal storage.

Allow Viking Self Storage to provide you with the space to enjoy life, put your hobby equipment into storage. The great thing about Viking Self Storage is that you can come and go as often as you like 24 hours a day, so it offers immediate access to your hobby equipment in storage in the evenings and weekends, at time to suit you.

If you have loads of DIY equipment, hand tools, power tools and materials which need to be stored, Viking Self Storage is the perfect secure place to store all of your valuable tools and equipment.

If you make things to sell online or at craft fairs but don’t have space to store them at home, our convenient Self Storage units give you the perfect solution for craft storage. Bring items into and out of storage when it suits you, ready to sell or whenever you have been making more items to sell. Never run out of space to store craft items, hire a storage unit at Viking Self Storage for as little as two weeks – perfect for stock management before and after craft fairs and events.

Keen cooks can end up with huge amounts of kitchen equipment to store but limited kitchen space for the specialist kitchen equipment, as well as the day to day food, machines and utensils. Viking Self Storage offers that extra space when it is needed allowing you to have the stuff around you that you need every day, but have the extra items in storage nearby and accessible whenever you need them, 24 hours a day.

So, whatever your hobby, keep hold of all of your treasured possessions even without much room at home. Viking Self Storage is the perfect extension of your home to store all of your useful equipment, tools and materials.