• 10sqft
  • 15sqft
  • 25sqft
  • 35sqft
  • 50sqft
  • 75sqft
  • 100sqft
  • 125sqft
  • 150sqft
  • 175sqft
  • 200sqft
  • 250sqft
  • 500sqft

About the size of a phone box - great if you've only got a few bits to store - Ideal for students during the holidays.

10sqft (1m2)
3ft x 3¼ft
8ft (2.5m) high

About the same floor space as an under stairs cupboard, but without the problems of height. Really good, versatile space if you just need a bit more at home.

15sqft (1.4m2)
3ft x 5ft
8ft (2.5m) high

The size to a small garden shed. Plenty of space if you are de-cluttering.

25sqft (2.3m2)
5ft x 5ft
8ft (2.5m) high

Similar to a medium garden shed. Perfect if you need to if you are having works carried out at home and need to store a few chunky items.

35sqft (3.25m2)
5ft x 7ft
8ft (2.5m) high

Equivalent to a full load in a short wheel based Transit van. A great sized unit for those who need to storage to free up some space at home, but still need room to move around and access their goods.

50sqft (4.65m2)
5ft x 10ft
8ft (2.5m) high

The perfect size for the contents of a standard 2 bedroom house. Plenty of space for furniture, appliances and personal possessions.

75sqft (7m2)
10ft x 7½ft
8ft (2.5m) high

Will fit the contents of a standard 2 or small 3 bedroomed house, or two removals vans full. Ideal whilst you're waiting for the keys to your new place.

100sqft (9.3m2)
10ft x 10ft
8ft (2.5m) high

This one will fit the contents of a standard 3 bedroomed house, or two removals vans full. Perfect if you're going away and are going to rent your house out.

125sqft (11.6m2)
10ft x 12½ft
8ft (2.5m) high

If you need to store the contents of a standard 4 bedroomed house, or two removals vans full this one is a great size for you.

150sqft (14m2)
10ft x 15ft
8ft (2.5m) high

If you've got a large 4 bedroom house, or a 3 bedroom house with garages and outbuildings, this one should be perfect for you.

175sqft (14m2)
10ft x 15ft
8ft (2.5m) high

This sized unit give as much space as a double garage and has a huge range of uses. If you have to pack up in a hurry and need time & space to sort through your goods this kind of size of unit is ideal.

200sqft (19m2)
10ft x 20ft
8ft (2.5m) high

This one is the size of a triple garage. Great for a large house move or a business relocation.

250sqft (23.252)
10ft x 25ft
8ft (2.5m) high

An excellent sized business storage unit for a range of uses such as excess stock or archives.

500sqft (46.5m2)
20ft x 25ft
8ft (2.5m) high

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De-clutter & House Doctoring

Using Viking Self Storage Bedford means that you can clear some space in life to fully appreciate your home, or present it in the best way for potential buyers.

It's a great solution for items that you want to hang on to, but don't currently need or have space for

  • a piece of inherited furniture which you will use when you move into a bigger home.
  • seasonal sports equipment, such as skis, or that kayak occupying space in the garage.
  • Christmas decorations.

We've all got something that gets in the way!

When you store you personal possessions with Viking Self Storage, you can be sure of the best Self Storage in Bedford. We offer:

  • Bedford's only 100% 24/7 access self storage
  • Individual door alarms
  • Long term discounts
  • No hidden fees
  • No deposit
  • Over 700 rooms
  • 50 different sized units
  • Onsite box shop
  • 10 boxes for £21

Studies show that house doctoring in Bedfordshire works.

Viking Self Storage is recommended by some of Bedford's top estate agents. Viking Self-Storage is Bedford's premier secure and safe store when looking to de-clutter a house or garage. Many people need Garage Storage in Bedford to free up space in the home. Why not free up the space that is taken up by your excess garage storage with Viking Self Storage Bedford.

Boxes & Bubblewrap to pack your possessions safely

You wouldn't want to pack your goods away, then find they had been damaged in transit or crushed in a storage unit. Viking Self Storage in Bedford has a box shop selling a range of packaging supplies in Bedford's Elms Farm Industrial Estate, just off Goldington Road. Our box shop near Tesco's Bedford at Viking Self Storage off Norse Road, so if you're looking for bubble wrap in Bedford or cardboard boxes in Bedford this is the place to come.

High security, dry state of the art alarmed 24/7 accessible at Viking Self Storage Bedford.

Our storage buildings are modern, purpose built, clean and light and security is our number one priority. Every storage room is individually alarmed and monitored from reception. Every customer has their own PIN code to access the storage areas, plus we have staff on site seven days a week, 24 hour digital CCTV, perimeter fencing and electronic coded gates.

Rent your spare room to a student from Bedford University

Realise the potential in your spare room by clearing some clutter and storing it in one of our 700 self storage rooms conveniently located in north east Bedford. Viking Self Storage is just down the road in Goldington and offers Household Storage for short term or long term.

Need Removals, Van hire or a man in van?

Viking Self Storage works with local Bedford removals companies and Bedford man and van servicesin Bedfordshire and surrounding areas.

Instead of renting a Garage in Bedford or renting a garage in Kempston why not take one of Bedfordshire's only fully 24/7 accessible low cost storage rooms in north east Bedford.

Need Flexible storage?

Looking for cheap storage in Bedford? Viking Self Storage Bedford has everything to help you to achieve your goal of de-cluttering your home. Our 40 different sized storage units in Bedford offer 24/7 accessible, secure, safe store rooms serving Bedford & Kempston. We can cater to all your storage needs. No hidden fees, admin costs or access fees just great cheap secure self storage for Bedford and the local area.

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