Discounted Rates Terms of Offer

Viking Self Storage offers a number of different rates for storage, dependent upon the size of unit required length of time a customer anticipates being in storage.

Our staff may recommend the best pricing option based on information which is supplied during the enquiry process, however it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that the price structure they have chosen is best suited to their individual needs.

Our discounted rates are often time specific, giving one rate for a certain period, after which the rate will change. If you have selected a rate which is time specific, it is your responsibility to ensure you know when the rate will alter.

Some price deals have a minimum time commitment. If you terminate your agreement with us before reaching the end of this time commitment, you may be liable to continue paying at the same agreed rate until the end of the agreed minimum term, or paying to us an amount equal to the discount you received to the date you terminate.

Some deals are for a maximum term. At the end of that term the pricing deal will end but your contract with us will continue but will revert to our standard pricing structure, unless you enter into an agreement for a different discount structure with us.

A discount structure will apply to your contract with us. You may add and remove units the contract over the term of the discount period and all of those units will benefit from the same discount structure. Likewise, at the end of the discount period, all units on the contract will be affected by a reversion to our standard pricing.

For all pricing structures offered, we still require you to give us 14 days notice of your intention to end your agreement. The end of an agreed rate does not count as the end of your contract with us.

If you have further queries regarding application of terms, please speak with a member of staff.